“Every man has a right to have a penis”

Female-to-male transsexuals

Many transmen are afraid to have bottom surgery due to its time-consuming and complex nature since it can take a few years to complete different procedures. Others cannot have phalloplasty because of health problems. Tom Becker, founder of this website, decided against phalloplasty after intense research and exchange with other transmen. He developed his own method to make penis prosthetics which allowed him to live his life as a man without restrictions.

In his product line, you’ll find three different options: 1. an STP for packing and peeing while standing, 2. a flaccid penis to be nude in public and 3. an erect penis to have sex. The flaccid penis allows going to the sauna or showering after sports with the other guys.
Both, the erect and flaccid prosthetics can be glued to the body. Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything you would like to know about the perfect skin adhesive.

For the first few months, Toms partner did not know about his transsexuality and could not really believe him after his coming out because “it all felt so real”.
Starting out to build prosthetics for his own use, Tom was asked by his friends to make some for them. Soon, he started producing penises for other transmen in the German speaking countries. Now it is time for the English speaking world to see the amazing penis prosthetics made of medical silicone which are skin-friendly and made by a specialist.

On the next pages, you will find a couple of examples of our prosthetics; each one is built to your personal wishes (skin colour, size, (un)circumcised). Of course, we take our time to answer all of your questions.
Please feel free to ask everything you would like to know.
We are looking forward to your inquiries.

All the best!
Tom Becker